Capture your audience’s attention with SMS

Expand your reach outside the inbox right into your customer’s pocket.

"For years I thought I would hate getting texts from businesses. I’ve heard from customers that they like getting SMS from the business and I was surprised by how many people signed up quickly."

Collect phone numbers

Shoppers increasingly prefer SMS over other channels. 85% of customers favor text messages over phone calls and email.

Easily add an SMS opt-in field to any Drip form to collect signups on your website and grow your list. Many people already prefer texts, but you can sweeten the deal by providing a special discount code for opting into SMS.

"I love how SMS is built into my workflows, this makes email marketing automation really seamless."

Send automated texts

Immediately reach your audience with SMS marketing. Texts are short and sweet. Just like people’s attention spans.

Just set ‘em and forget ‘em. Add a send SMS step to any Drip workflow to meet your customers where they are and fully automate your SMS marketing. Kick-off your welcome series with a text, or capture abandoned carts.

Drive first and repeat purchases

SMS is the perfect channel for your most high-value messages like time-sensitive offers, holiday promos, VIP campaigns, product launches, and more. Use SMS to drive urgency, grab attention, and crank up customer loyalty.

Join the 27,000+ marketers who have used Drip to generate over $1 billion in attributed revenue.