Segmentation & Reports for Ecommerce

Personalize the marketing your audience receives based on actions that they’ve taken on your store. Market to each segment with custom campaigns & workflows.

A screenshot of the tags applied to a customer within their Drip record, showing tags such as hats, size medium, coupon user, tees, etc.

Your marketing ROI, made simple.

Revenue Attribution

When you connect your ecommerce platform to Drip, you’ll see exactly which emails and SMS are driving revenue with which customers, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Hyper target your marketing with deep ecommerce platform integration.

Smart Segmentation

Create dynamic, living audiences based on customer actions you know drive revenue. Segments update automatically, making it easy to understand what your audience is browsing, opening, clicking, buying, and beyond.

A screenshot of an email performance card within Drip, showing the email's open rate, click-through-rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate.

Understand the impact of every touchpoint.

Email Performance

Our easy to use dashboards and analytics tools surface the insights you need to adjust, iterate and improve your sending, no matter if it’s an email campaign, workflow or SMS.

Track and group people at a glance.

Tags & Custom Fields

Get a complete understanding of every person by tagging them with fields only you can see. Use these custom tags to create dynamic audiences and tailored messaging.

Start understanding your shoppers today.